IT Support

We are there to help when things go wrong

What we can offer

In partnership with MCS Group and IT Telecoms we offer a full IT support service that focuses on three main areas:

  • Managed Services
  • Remote Support
  • Server Monitoring

Managed Services

A pro-active support service to combat the break fix model – and save yourself money.

We offer managed services to combat potential problems before they cause downtime to your business on a cost-effective basis. If your business is suffering downtime due to a break-fix approach from your current provider then we would love to help improve your business by introducing our managed services.

Remote Support

For the times when you have day-to-day problems, give our permanently manned IT Support Desk a call.

Occasionally you will come across general issues with printing, Microsoft Office programs, setting up new users, etc, then our IT Support Desk team are on hand to expertly assist.

Server Monitoring

Avoid disaster with our monitoring service, that alerts you of potential issues before they cause downtime.

It is not sufficient these days to simply repair faults as and when they occur. Regular inspection and maintenance checks enable us to proactively detect the early warning signs of potential problems and ensure the smooth running of your systems.